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Summer fun. woo

Been busy again! Yay. lol.

Sunday my friends and I got a buss to Tel Aviv to go shopping and then did the dumbest thing. we were there for about 20 minutes, and then just left. We went into Tel Aviv for a flippin 20 minutes! Silly. But was fun so I don't mind too much hehe =D

Then yesterday we went to the beach, form 12 to 5. Was really really fun. We invented a game called TouchMedoza, which in free translation is Touch-Jelly Fish. lol. Was pretty much American football just that you had to touch the ball to the dead Jelly Fish that had washed up shore. yup. I kicked butt =P
Only bad thing was that just as a boy I sort of like (if such a thing is possible for me =P J/K) one of my contacts tore and I spent about 2 hours blind in one eye so I couldn't admire his abbs =P lol.

and today Im going shopping with my Mom because I have 4 (flippin 4!) weddings this summer. I hope no one makes me buy a dress. Ainav does not do dresses. then tomorrow (as though all that wasn't enough) Im going to work at the Zoo like i did last year if you remember. Im doing this day to see how I remember stuff and then I can volunteer more.

well aren't I busy.
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