house_freak (house_freak) wrote,

Gave this place a bit of a lift as you might see, an actual layout and stuff xD just thought it was worth a mention. lol

in order to make this entry a tad less boring, Ill throw in some personal stuff.

had a crazy last two weeks, my best friend's Grandma passed and it seems I have seen her everyday since. I wrote her a letter with rymes and all but its in Hebrew so I cant show you. lol. but since then [she cried when she read it] we've been having a blast. met a whole bunch of people, went to the beach (where I got burned like an idiot), went shopping had two sleep overs, went out to a film and a whole bunch of other stuff.
seeing as that is an insane amount of time out of the house and actual socialization for me, I am now sort of sick. my usual throat thing..

but Ive had a nice time. yup.
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